Kiteops - Web App Design and UX/UI, User Interface Dashboard, Website Design, Brand Identity, Startup MVP
Kiteops Web App, Website Design, Brand Identity, Marketing, Biz Dev, UX/UI, Responsive Design, Web Development
Charmroom - Mobile App Design, UX/UI, Wireframes and UI Kit
Charmroom Mobile App, Wireframe, Mobile UX/UI, UI Kit
Telekinesis - Website Design, Business Cards, Brand Identity Proposal
Telekinesis Website Design, Identity Design Proposal, Business Cards
Irresistible Me - Responsive Design, eCommerce UX/UI, Cross-Device Design
Irresistible Me Responsive Design, eCommerce UX/UI, Cross-Device Design
BP Partners Dashboard - Web App Design and UX/UI Interface, Responsive Design, Information Architecture, Wireframes
BP Partners Dashboard Web App, Information Architecture, Wireframe, UX/UI Interface, Responsive Design
BentPixels - Website design, Brand Identity Design, UX/UI
BentPixels Responsive Website Design, Identity Design, UX/UI
Porsgrunn Startup Integrated Services Case Study: Web App Design, Pre-launch Marketing, UX/UI and Usability Testing, Brand Identity Design
Porsgrunn Web App, Website Design, Marketing, UX/UI, Usability Testing, Identity Design
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