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The problem.

CharmRoom needed a mobile solution for an already active and successful web platform. The mobile app had to be fresh, easy to use and improve the user experience, while, in the same time keeping true to the already established web Brand.

Our solution.

We raised to the challenge and used our Mobile UX/UI skills to achieve a seamless cross-device user experience and designed a fresh, interactive and easy to use mobile app that users love.


Our main goal was to create a visual information flow that is easy to digest and follow.

Custom App Icons

Custom Menu Icons

50+ hours Spent on this project
30+ screens Were needed to build it
5+ meetings To get the full project done
The Navigation

Question-and-answer apps can become difficult to navigate and tend to become too heavy to follow. We focused on solving that for CharmRoom by creating a swipe-based navigation through threads

The Comments

To keep the conversation going and easy to follow, the comments received at a glance visual information.

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