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Managing your servers has never been easier.

We had a dream

Server configuration and management is no easy task, especially if you are a startup or small business that relies on your devs to do all the coding and server setup & maintenance. And all this in a day's work and with highly specialized tools, though not very intuitive. That means time and money spent on tasks that should be handled by devops and that you and your dev should spend coding for your startup.

And a solution, too

We built an web-app (that works on iPads too) that will take out the technical shenanigans out of the process of setting up your server. In order to do that, we focused on creating a very clean, attractive and intuitive platform that runs with full technical power. You could configure, manage and automate servers fast and easy and keep the costs, time and knowledge required at minimum. The MVP got a very good feedback. Kiteops is now discontinued.

An amazing app that provides servers management platforms using different configurations for Digital Ocean.

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Kiteops Pitch deck presentation @ HTW2013


Feature Icons

Quickly setup new servers.

Easy to use, clean & intuitive design.

Answers to your needs.

App Icons

User Interface Design

Managing and configuring your servers can be smooth and easy. Our interface will prove you just that.


How does the app work

Watch our 1:50" video to find out.

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