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  1. Initial Product Assessment
  2. Research Market Fit & Competitors
  3. Create Messaging
  4. Web-App Redesign & Improvement
  5. Feedback Split Testing Web-App
  6. Pricing Model
  7. Responsive Landing Page Creation
  8. Product Messaging Guidelines
  9. Earn Media & User Aquisition Channels
  10. Tracking Recommendations

1. Initial Product Assessment

Using the Business Model Canvas we made a set of questions and passed them on to the team. Each team member had to answer separately. The results were discussed and used create the marketing strategy and help the team to understand and internalize the product.

Research market fit & competitors

To better understand the market and confirm/find all competitors a research was needed. New competitors appeared and the research will help to also construct the Value Proposition messaging and the Products' Voice guideline.

Create messaging

Based on the research & Product Assessment we constructed the Value Proposition messaging and the Product's Voice guideline.

Web-App Redesign & Improvement

Though the product was already used in private beta, the research, initial assessment & user feedback identified points to be improved.

Feedback Split Testing Web-App

Variations of the interface were made and we asked real people to give feedback on them in order to choose the best solution.

Pricing Model

According to the research and the feedback from the users we built the pricing model that would best serve the initial traction strategy for the product. This was Fremium limited by user-base

Product Messaging Guidelines

In order to keep a consistent message throughout the media channels and in the communication of the Product, a guideline was developed containing the value proposition, the benefits and ads samples in the agreed voice and using agreed keywords.

Earn Media & User Acquisition Channels

In order to maximize the impact of the Product and gain qualified leads, a research was made and a list of channels was built and completed with approach recommendations for each channel according to its nature and best practices.

Tracking Recommendations

After launching the Landing Page live, its performance must be tracked with Analytics and Heat-mapping in order to optimize for more leads. Along with this, the actual product will record user feedback that will help make improvements on the product itself.

Responsive Landing
Page Creation

We established that the target audience for this product is made of businesses with a user base that rely on user feedback to improve and grow their business. The Landing Page's structure and content was adjusted accordingly.


  1. Initial Product Assessment
  2. Market Audit & Research
  3. B2B Market Approach
  4. Web-App Redesign & Improvement
  5. Marketing Strategy Pre-product
  6. Landing Page Pre-Public Product

Initial Product Assessment

This Product is highly specialized for the Norwegian Power Plant market. Its mission is to disrupt the current energy buying and pricing process. Because of this, the Initial Product Assessment was focused on understanding the current market, the problem, the solution and the process it needs to implement to be successful.

Market Audit & Research

Because this Product is a B2B one, the legacy competitors were researched and the result was used to build the messaging, value proposition and approach to the target audience along with agreeing and building the Landing Page.

B2B Market Approach

Next the discussions were extended to the partners in the business and sales person in order to get feedback from the market, potential clients and current businesses in the market. The deliverable was the B2B sales approach and the Value Proposition.


Because this Product is highly specialized and brings a totally new technology on a legacy market, we chose an inbound marketing strategy, starting with education. A plan for strategically placed content and interviews was developed. Its role: to educate businesses and power plant owners without selling the Product itself.

Landing Page
Pre-Public Product

To keep in agreement with the pre-Product strategy, the Landing Page will not talk too much about the Product itself or the benefits, instead it will entice the audience talking about automation and encouraging visitors to enroll to receive more details or to call.

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